Colaboration stories between Lisa and Simon aka. Greven

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Colaboration stories between Lisa and Simon aka. Greven Empty Colaboration stories between Lisa and Simon aka. Greven

Post  greven on Thu May 14, 2009 4:12 pm

First off: Lisa is a girl from belgium who I really like, and I have been writing with her over MSN messenger for a few weeks now. Me and her have been writing about this and that, and inbetween we ended up writing a few stories together.
Non of these stories were scripted or planned in anyway and we had no idea how the other person was going to continue the story once he/she recieved the torch. This has been a very interesting few weeks and I have really grown to like (and perhaps more than like Embarassed ) this girl, and we have really had a good time writing these stories.

BE WARNED! Love is very much the theme in these stories and if you are not in the mood for very poor written romance, then please dont clik the links, it will only annoy you.

Stranger in Holland
Stranger in Holland was the first story we wrote, there is no real reason for it, or why it takes place in Holland. It is just a very sobby love story thing we did for no reason other than: why not?

Captured is one we took about a week to make because we had very little time to be online for various reasons. It was really a story where we had nothing else than a starting point set up from the start. I wrote the first part and that is what it took off from. I really like how it turned out, though the ending may be a bit rough for some Smile

More will arrive in the future, in the meanwhile be sure to comment on the stories if you have anything to say, either here or on DA, I wilæ gladly deliver any messages you may have to Lisa to her Smile

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Colaboration stories between Lisa and Simon aka. Greven Empty Re: Colaboration stories between Lisa and Simon aka. Greven

Post  Guest on Fri May 15, 2009 1:13 am

wow, i think its amazing that you were able to collaborate on these stories just using messanger. I'm exhausted and i have to get some sleep but just a quick reply on both: I love that you were able to capture two different points of view, two different personalities and yet somehow they mesh a bit, as if they're like minded, like they both have the same intentions. Confusing? Maybe tomorrow i can explain better than this. I enjoyed both stories even the racy, erotic parts (they weren't off putting). I happen to like romance. Very Happy


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