Boating Safety, Fueling and Safe Speed

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Boating Safety, Fueling and Safe Speed

Post  sangbmt on Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:42 pm

Loading Pleasure Craft for Safety

To avoid impeding the operation and to decrease the risk of injury and increase the safety of all persons on board, the operator of the craft:

* Should not overload the craft, in excess of the "Recommended Gross Load Capacity" or the "equivalent number of adult persons"

* Position the persons on board and the gear so as to evenly distribute the weight: too much weight in the bow makes the craft plow through the water with a risk of swamping; too much weight in the stern, raises the bow which wastes power and makes it difficult to see

* Keep the load as low as possible on the craft

* Lash the gear, or stow the gear in lockers to prevent uncontrolled movement of the gear
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