Inform Persons on Board

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Inform Persons on Board

Post  sangbmt on Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:43 pm

Inform Persons on Board

The operator of a pleasure craft should inform persons on board about the following safety points

# The location of personal flotation devices and/or life-jackets;

# The techniques for putting on personal flotation devices and/or life-jackets when in the water;

# The importance of wearing personal flotation devices and/or life-jackets at all times;

# The location of the emergency kit;

# The importance of keeping oneself low, on the center line, and holding on to a rigid part of the pleasure craft while moving around on board;

# The importance of keeping one's hands, arms and legs inside the pleasure craft when approaching or leaving a dock;

# The effects of the motion of the pleasure craft, sunlight, waves, wind, sound and alcohol on them; and

# Their roles in the event of emergencies

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