Be Aware of Fueling Procedures

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Be Aware of Fueling Procedures Empty Be Aware of Fueling Procedures

Post  sangbmt on Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:43 pm

Be Aware of Fueling Procedures

Follow these procedures, step by step, when refueling. It only makes good sense, it's the law.

# Moor the boat securely to prevent spillage

# Shut off all engines

# Insist that all passengers go ashore

# Extinguish all open flames

# Do not smoke while refueling

# Turn off electrical switches and batteries, and refrain from operating electrical devices

# Close all windows, portholes, hatches and cabin doors

# Remove portable tanks from the boat before refueling

# Ground the nozzle against the filler pipe

# Know the capacity of your fuel tank and don't overfill it; you have a duty to prevent leakage or spillage or fuel into the hull or water

# Wipe up any spillage and properly dispose of the cloth or towel used
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