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Eusebius of Emesa (also Eusebius Emesenus, ca. 300 – ca. 360) was a learned ecclesiastic of the Greek church, and a pupil of Eusebius of Caesarea. He was born at Edessa about the beginning of the 4th century. After receiving his early education in his native town, he studied theology at Caesarea and Antioch and philosophy and science at Alexandria. Among his teachers were Eusebius of Caesarea and Patrophilus of Scythopolis.
The reputation he acquired for learning and eloquence led to his being offered the see of Alexandria in succession to the deposed Athanasius at the beginning of 339, but he declined, and the council of Antioch chose Gregory of Cappadocia, "a fitter agent for the rough work to be done." Eusebius accepted the small bishopric of Emesa (the modern Homs) in Phoenicia, but his powers as mathematician and astronomer led his flock to accuse him of pr

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