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Post  sangbmt on Tue Jan 18, 2011 8:44 pm

A fishing rod or a fishing pole is an instrument used for fishing or catching fish, usually in conjunction with the leisure of angling, can also be used in competition. A length of fishing line is attached to a long, bendable rod or pole: one end terminates in a hook for catching the fish. A 'fishing pole' is a simple pole or stick for suspending a line (normally secure to the tip), with a hooked attract or bait. They are most normally made of fibreglass, carbon fibre, graphite or, classically, bamboo, and are the only fishing levers properly referred to as "poles". In distinction, 'fishing rod' refers to a more complicated casting tool fitted with line guides and a cylinder for line stowage. Fishing rods vary in action as well as length, and can be found in sizes between 24 inches and 20 feet. The longer the rod, the greater the mechanical advantage in casting.

The Shakespeare Ugly Stik spinning rods come in a variety of models, and reviews say even the $30 Stiks are an best value for sporty fishing enthusiast. The graphite core is surrounded by fiberglass, making the Stik extremely tough but not inflexible. One Field & Stream review set out to break seven fishing rods, and only the Shakespeare Ugly Stik survived until he finally ran out of weights at 55 pounds. The durability, seven-year warranty and low prices have helped make the Shakespeare Ugly Stik trendy for more than a quarter century. Users say experienced anglers might want more sensitivity and less weight, however, and reviews suggest the lightweight graphite Okuma Guide Select (*est. $75) as the best bridge between budget and high-end spinning rods.

The Shimano Cumara is hardly economical, but expert reviews say this relatively new graphite spinning rod compares favourably with much pricier fishing gear. Professionals say the lightweight shaft offers incredible comfort, sensitivity, flexibility, speed and precision. Reviews say the carbon reel seat is a plus, but some are dissatisfied that the grip is made of foam rather than cork. The gist is that you'd probably be able to feel a nibble from a goldfish, but the shaft is durable enough that the maker offers a limited lifetime warranty. Because the Shimano Cumara is a new and relatively costly product, few owners have posted reviews online. But professionals have excitedly tried it. TackleTour.com offers unusually thorough coverage based on laboratory and field testing, and it rates enough fishing rods that its "Best Value" designation carries some weight.

TackleReviewer.com and Field & Stream magazine offer trustworthy ratings, and we also saw a review on a New Mexico fishing website by an angler who's competed with some triumph in pro tournaments. Reviews say the Okuma Guide Select is a reasonably priced spinning rod that's more responsive and lightweight than budget models. Experts say the Okuma Guide Select offers quality workings usually found in pricier fishing rods, such as an all-graphite shaft. The high-grade cork handle offers a sure grip, although one reviewer said it may feel initially uncomfortable. Though lightweight - there are 7-ounce and 8.9-ounce options - the Okuma Guide Select is tough enough that the maker offers a limited lifetime warranty. Reviews say the Okuma Guide Select offers surprising power, but anglers accustomed to high-end models may find it a bit stiff. Reviews suggest the Shakespeare Ugly Stik (*est. $30) as a cost-efficient option for beginners.
The Okuma Guide Select was introduced in 2006 and has wan few reviews so far, and owners have been especially slow to weigh in. However, TackleTour.com and CaliFishing.com offer some of the most complete professional reviews of fishing equipment, and both cover the Okuma Guide Select in great depth.
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