psicologic test!!!!!

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psicologic test!!!!!

Post  alain1609 on Sun Jun 21, 2009 7:30 pm

Very Happy ok, i managed to post a psicologic test for you. Very Happy
i hope you like it and if you want you can(i really hope you do) post your opinions about it.
i'm not saying you have to do it but i did took a lot of time in this one.
it doesn't take long, sooooooo!!!! Rolling Eyes

PSD: you have to go down slow, so you can answer without cheating.

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psicologic test!!!!!

Post  alain1609 on Sun Jun 21, 2009 7:32 pm

There are 5 tests. This is a genuine psychological test.

It is the story of a girl.
At the funeral of her mother, she saw a young man who did not know. It's fantastic, the man of her dreams. It was love at first sight, falls hopelessly in love with him. A few days later, the girl kills her own sister.

Why did she kill her sister?

Do not go very fast, below is the complete answer. Consider first the answer to your question.


She is hopeful to see the boy at the funeral.

If you answered the question correctly, you think like a psychopath.

This test was used by a famous psychologist to determine whether a person has a murderer mentality.

Many serial murderers have been subjected to this test and correctly answer the question.

If you can not find the correct answer - the better for you.

If your friend responded correctly, I recommend you to keep a distance ...


Here's a little test.
Maximum 10 seconds to do so, if you do not have.
View the lowest result on the page:

Count the number of 'F' in the following:



That's it!
Do not continue down until you finish counting!

How Many? Three?

False, there are six - No joke!
Get back to start again!
The explanation is below ...

The brain can not handle 'OF'.
Unbelievable, huh?
Anyone who has six 'F' first shot is a genius,
four or five is rather rare, three is normal.
Less than three, change your glasses.


Make the following test, is really impressive. Promised, don't cheat. Please, do it well until the end, it is not long.

Have you ever wondered if your mind is normal or different? Well, it seriously makes the exercise of reflection and find the answer!
Just follow the instructions, and answer the questions one by one as quickly as possible, but not before completing the step above. You do not have to write your answers You will be surprised with the outcome is guaranteed!


15 +6

3 +56

89 +2

12 +53

75 +26

25 +52

63 +32

Yes, but it is difficult to calculate but that's the real exercise!
Then think

123 +5


Then continues to fall.

Lower still.

Lower still.

You thought about a red hammer Right?

If this is not the case, you make the 2% of the population whose mind is very different to think about something else.
98% of the population will answer "red hammer" if they carried out this year.


Evidence of the right foot smart

It's worth trying, it's incredible ... but true. What follows is hardly surprising that challenges any understanding. And I'm willing to bet that you are willing to try at least 50 times to see if you're smarter than your foot. But you're not! Try ...

1.-While you're sitting at your desk, lift your right foot from the ground and make circles in the direction of clockwise.

2.-As long as you make circles with your right foot, draw the number 6 in the air with your right hand, Your foot changes direction!

3.-I told you ... and there is nothing you can do.

5 .- Do not forget, the foot towards the right side!


pig pig Evidence of pig pig pig

Especially do not cheat and do the test correctly

Take this quick test: It's fun!

Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a pig pig

No more drops before the end of the drawing!

Do not cheat, it's worth

Did you? Are you sure?

The pig serves as a personality test. pig

After you have drawn the pig: pig

* At the top of the page: you are positive and optimistic.

* At the center: you are realistic.

* Down the roadof the page: you are pessimistic and tend to have a negative behavior.

* If you draw it looking to the left: you believe in tradition, are friendly and easy to remember the dates: the celebration of anniversaries, ...

* If you draw it looking to the right: you are innovative, active, but you do not have a strong sense of family and you do not give importance to the important dates.

* If the pig is facing at you: you are direct, like to be the devil's advocate and not afraid to face discussions.

* If you added a lot of detail: you are analytical, cautious and patient.

* If there is not much detail: you are emotional, naive, not very methodical, like to take as many risks as possible.

* If you drew it with less than 4 feet: you're undecided or going through a period of great change in his life.

* If you drew it with 4 legs: you are secure, stubborn and you cling to your ideals.

* If you drew more than 4 legs: you are an idiot ...
* The size of the ears indicates its readiness to listen to the other: the larger the better! affraid

* The length of the tail indicates the quality your relations, the longer the better! Twisted Evil
Rolling Eyes Who forgot to draw the tail????? Rolling Eyes

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Re: psicologic test!!!!!

Post  Lunaris on Sun Jun 21, 2009 8:20 pm

1. Although it was my third guess, I did kinda get this right. It was the only one that wound up making any sense given the information available in the question itself.

2. I got the six 'F's in there. The brain can process and handle OF and IF and all that, it just does not associate them with F's easily.

3. I nailed a blue screwdriver on this one because I had to use one today to get out of my room.

4. My foot must've had a just started rocking back and forth. I think it has to do with the same area of the brain controlling them...and perhaps my timing affected it. At the point I drew the 6, my foot really couldn't turn the other way anyways.

5. Center of the page, facing me, extra detail given to compensate for the fact I can't draw worth shit, four legs, with medium-sized ears and four curls to the tail.

Overall the whole thing is interesting. I'm not sure of the validity of most of it, but it's nice to see what goes insofar as any quiz or test is fun to run with. I wouldn't go using it to read fortunes, though.

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Re: psicologic test!!!!!

Post  alain1609 on Sun Jun 21, 2009 8:32 pm

Laughing me neither Laughing
but sure is interesting to watch the answer of all of you. Razz

another thing, you should see a psychiatrist for the first quetion you know Question (kidding)
lol! it's the first time a create a tnread but now that i think about it, shoudn't this be in THE PLAY ROOM.
nahhh it's the same.
and thanks *blows a kiss* I love you

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Re: psicologic test!!!!!

Post  greven on Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:04 am

I thought the sister was sleeping with him XD

And I got a BLUE hammer Very Happy yay I am halfway different Very Happy
The rest I pretty much got the usual, couldnt be bothered to draw a pig though Razz

Pretty sure I did these is class last year.

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Re: psicologic test!!!!!

Post  oldguy on Fri Jul 03, 2009 4:10 am

I guessed that it was the sister dressed as a guy. Not worth killing over, but it was a mean joke at the funeral.

The of's and if's stood out just fine.

Please explain the results of Test #3 I tried several disciplines of mathematics and never achieved 123+5
although there are no = signs. NEVERMIND Duh

I got red hammer but I was distracted by Tool the band in my head.

after several tries I could do it but my left leg is amputated (I have a lot of practice utilizing just my right leg)

I drew the bust of a pig waving hello with one hoof in the center of the page facing forward. It only has one arm and one
ear because the waving arm obscures the other. It is a bust and is very Arnold cute, thus no tail. I'm very amused @ red hammer. Fun test.

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Re: psicologic test!!!!!

Post  Fly Hue on Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:21 pm

I too thought the sister was dating the man. XD

Yellow Wrench. Owned. I think about wrenches a lot because I watch the movie Clue a lot... 9v9

And I tried to take a video of me doing the 6 and the right foot at the same time, but it was too difficult considering my position, so you just have to believe me. ^^;;
Fly Hue

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Re: psicologic test!!!!!

Post  alain1609 on Sun Jul 05, 2009 6:51 pm

*fly hue, i belive you. i coun't do it either, hahaha or any of my friends for that matter. Razz

*damn old guy, i don't knpw what to say to you, i'll think about it more and then post it Wink

i'll try to give you more things to distract yourself but don't wait for me, i could take a while.

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Re: psicologic test!!!!!

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