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Post  tommym on Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:04 pm

Hevenaly in the House of muses A telescopicc clclopic ey eye hera named Heck and Gemminini a first spotter for a humbled hobbled Hubble
Orbiting Raido picked up pick upSatilite Ear seesan EXO-Plantary trans mission passes then colidies REscrambles re groups
Under a Phased arrayed gaydar ray gun aye aye capture of thier SunThe Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space on plan net xyxy Inter GalaticSpcey
Stars exchanging signals at the speed of Skullbie (sp c t1=t2-3.2 Gamma Scale Gh/ c5 GEODIC Effect throuh a Gravational Lens from...
Expecting a scanner Infra Red but the ULTRA Blue violet has already..Has been here then and has re turned again (has fled?)Will they test us ?they already know! Of our exsistance / s 0 an orb of some sort

OFF Webcomison the end of two extremes Egyptian time Changeger I ^; 6;20 hair line crack. 0-ring tickol Simply Sarahit seems not a toy light packet
FAR fromthat to ("Space Baby Alive") Tis a small leap of quattum to Friday the Seventh September two oh one, I comprised?
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx("Sky Lab ..........") NASA knew as did any one else with high school physcics.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx(".......................") Cheper to let them die and to add the cosmos astros knew allalogg
Many times Many Timesit burns in thru and ists simmers in my soulgiven i have one? How does one feel? How does one deal?
Underneath it all I believe it has been reallality (ITT/BR EASTER 1972) Have grandpa to thank ala la rosa (Add as fast as your going) (coffee bread beer)
Space time caculations in my hed Space Shulltle one Space Shutle two Internal space station Global Heating I rather study and not naer dear to
Explore seems I was leed to belive this,(Mathematical Projectionals Analisisi) do indeed do work Yet I cant sel my own self even when im free
So How a girlfriend? No answers for me From the love of gemmii /Appollo Hera Hero Dika Mylentiane at an eagle landing We Came for ALL womenkind

I Casandrsa girrl radicalxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI Sapphos girrl radicalxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxI Elektras girrl radical

Houses Achieved Regions Round Isis Say Orion's Name
Arise Regoins Roars Ions Spin Orbital Nexusi
Re ion Radiates Isometerics Solar Ort non Neutural
Reigns Intratropical Suns On Neptune
Isis Seers Over Not
Say Orgaini Nears
Oddessy's Neo

Pam's All Mused Atmos' Lyra Attained
Altos' Music Again Lullabyes Afarewell
Mused Atonedaly Laying Atoms
Arts Lika Age ing
Lyke Atthena


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