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Elizabeth's saunter, grace's O'Callahan's good house!
000 Is her work as quiet as a church mouse? She's in
Love with her career as an M.S.W. ,now giving the cure
000 State Albany employee now so socially secure.
It's so strong a statement of self-sufficient means
000 Nerve to be independant with a smart smile that beams.
Zestful attitude toward her new work and it shows
000 Set as a role model, Liz is but buttons and bows.
And to add golden assets on top of living treasure,
000 She's has always been an Independant Woman,Forever
Beautiful in looks, brains body,heart, mind, soul,and guts
000 Ready yourselfs! Liz can make any sane man go nuts
Eternally inprinted in the Cerebrum Cervix part of my mind
000 Willing I am intent, keen and eager,to rejoin Woman Kind
True cognitive therapy, an insightful convergence of our thoughts
000 And Liz again threw me, another life line to be caught
Heaven will be brought to any house, hut or home
000Able Liz brings God's grace to us all,who are ,isolated and alone.

I tried to add two sentances ,reading downwards "Elizabeth's Love, It,s Zestfut And Beautiful, Eternally True Heaven.
and also "Is State Nerve Set? She's Ready Willing And Able.
Tommym In view of Simply Sarahs current story /plot and I can relate I felt to point out that every x # of tons of coal there lies a Diamond.


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