ELIZABETH----ERIN Poem by Tommym Pt.1

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ELIZABETH----ERIN  Poem by Tommym  Pt.1 Empty ELIZABETH----ERIN Poem by Tommym Pt.1

Post  tommym on Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:09 pm

ELIZABETH----ERIN (part one)

Elizabeth, Elizabeth I beg of you please don't leave me alone isolatedon this tear filled Earth isolated and alone.

----I pray Goddess Sappho,emplore my most beloved, dearest Elizabeth to send forth from Heaven above,a muse of Erins most finest,
--------atwist to a muse ourselves with each others hearts,minds,bodies and souls
----Though we too shalt hath have suffered loves most painful of loses
--------Oh Sappho most highest,I pray to you,save me from doom
--------Shall you deem the Seeds of Love to bloom again within my heart?
----To fill my my souls near empty space, upon learning of the loss of my most Sweetest Elizabeth? ----------Oh Godess Sappho! I am ready to serve! My body to Sacrifice, is yours as thy please
--------Have your way with me at leasure, I now exist only for thy pleasure
----My tears soak your Earth,
----My blood feeds the Worms,
----I return to the Nothingness.

----I Pray Goddess Sappho for a journey through Erin's Isle's
--------Each with it's pains, each with it's gains. Each with its miles, each with its trials.
----Oh, Great Goddess Sappho! Set me on course, set me toward Hera here deep within,
--------I plead for an Isle and with a smile She guides me saying "The one you seek,think of her eyes,
--------and also her hair, As in the sky and the wood ye shall need to yonder over there" I fear not to get lost say ----Send Mercury swiftly on a fast Erin trip! anew me aglow! time is past due
----Take me along on a heart driven distant trip, already well charted.
---- Tis a year gone past,onlya half mooned in October since we have become parted

----Turned Ghostly forever on this Staten Island we hath once have shared,
--------No longer holds joy or fragrance in its air.
----So humid a mist growing, my tears condence,flowing, down the nubs of my nose
--------Such Sweet Lips Elizabeth! My Love! I shall never again know.
------So damp my eyes tears run down my checks so painful the torrent of drops eve when
------dry my heasrt still cries
------Such sweet voice or hers our eyes cryi and minds shall never meet again. Oh my Elizabeth I
------End my pain draw your almighty glittering silver sword. I meet Sappho end my life
------Eternity in fades shall seem a pleasure against the loss of my Elizabeth forever
------Darkness falls with a Salem's Witches vengenance Darkness is welcome in to my life and endless
------Sorrow with painful striff Darknes, Darkness be my pillow. Sappho, draw your sword
------November comes to quick to soon, Elizabeth will be gone forever. My dream vision
------of a river, I am standing atop of a bridge, falling. Falling again to the endless sleep
------I Pray Godess Sappho implor Elizabeth to fill the void in my heart

----I worship from the deepest part of my bosoms
----Heart hand maidens head ye all .Dare I
----Ask of you demand of Hera,but with all softness
----To senda message of Pandora strongest box of
----Erins scroll maps

----Magic potion of Lovefare Entrease withEmeralds
----Europa, I ask make them sparkle blue as Her eyes
----Nay I say in response to Heras query "Knowledge of map
----I do not need, be at ease, don't be leary"

----Lips so warm soft and gushing wet an inner
----Ocean expands and contracts adrift adrift any port hole
----Vents my call outs for my Love's Armada'sforming
----Erin of my quest to conquer, lifes game now.

----Surely in the war of sexes Womankind shall trimupth
----All mighty is our force with Hera Dika at our side of course
----Plans of men sailing shipwe shall wreck
----Propellye windsgreat NeptuneSet sails of Silverassunder upon the shores rocks
----Hera's vengenceshall be doneSend them all to kingdom come
----Oliva's records record of Herstory sirens sounding the men to their doom.
end of part one Tommym


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