Elizabeth----Erin poem Tommym part 2

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Elizabeth----Erin poem Tommym part 2

Post  tommym on Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:31 am


----I pray Godess Sappho St. Elizabeth please due send in --------Emeralds Isle's warming brave heart Erin's Erin
----Due to day,Do to day I r a think I heard Hera say
----Run swiftly now all ye landlovers aye a shore
----Under tows here now due to day to arrive.
----Inland inland as fast as ye all possibly can, -----Drownings are now here tis now dead or alive, -----Save yourselves at all any others sub marners due cost

----Seasoned sailers heed the-------Hull has been shatered
----Tackle and gather floatsom in----Earnest.Lestwe surcome to
----Oceanus, jaws Its now or--------Never nay grabing at straws
----Nymph's of the sea will----------Greet ye all for sure
----Eternity will be a pleaure --------Embraced in Erin's Love Forever

----Certain I say to you ,lives shall be lost!
----Alive are those only who will taste Erin's Love
----Cognitive therapy Erin will surely do employ.
----Under SunsLights full spectrumshe may to enjoy
----Lykina's frienddown to the horrid Bitter End,
----Allied with the Lyrics of the nine plus one Ten Women Muses
----The full force of Siren Song Reigna Supreme!
----Over any Isle, any Isle, I pray Goddess Sappho smile
----Retun to us, your loyal women longingly await,
----Sassafrass and Saffrom ,all flowers of Lesbos will bloom.

----GAIL winds blow all seedlings spreading forth with catogory 7+
----FORCE now blowing with aim, seedlings to bloom in Sappho's name
----WINDS will carry throuhg outto all Greecian Isles of women the same
----WITH Hera and all Muses in song rejoycing orve the wedding lyric
----LINDA's Love of hera vaerse lyrics she sings homage to Hera's
----COURT will entertain a wedding some day soon engagage ment engageingly
----LAWShave been changed King boy George a tyrant to be has been overthrow
----REIGEN of Freedom returning to US A win or a loss, Death tis our cost!
----PAIR one and the same with just their true Love growing
----SUPEREME unto Sappho's green Earth,born of Venus,born of Hera
----BORN of eternal time Daughters of Blitus, House of Samious Era -----AMYESTIST granted to women in Womans Planetary Association
----HOUSE of Samious now no longerdeemed wrong nor was it ever tis
----NOW IN present many schrolls LOG bookes Olivia records record
----PARIDICE Lost to submit, to obey yeilds Paradice Eegained to day
----FOREVER words of wisdom for tom, Shes just not in to you!

--------ISLE'S Jewels I pray Goddess Sappho beyond for a female friend!
----Soon Erin's fixation will Socially Work always toward Love
----Alto's alittude gain in chorus all give unto Hera
----Plaudits and crests ,make friends I R An Erins best
----Planet our Isles withthe seeds of Sappho's Love Eklizabeth
----Here in side us both for the fire of our bosoms
----Overtakes to Tribadism enjoining all urges,
----Sun soaked in sweat,our woman hood engorges

----Greatful are we, as one, with you,
----In deepest dream, sleep we,
----Rest anew in

----RAD ---- End part 2-- ELIZABETH----ERIN-- poem --Tommym


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