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Amber   Jayne   a poem  Tommym Empty Amber Jayne a poem Tommym

Post  tommym on Sat Sep 12, 2009 7:24 am

AMBER ----------------------------------------------------------JAYNE
About Many Begotten +Earlier Relics Spoken Pre-Ican,xxxxxxxxxxxxxJust Answer Your Novel Enquiry Heartfuly, Artisticly,an
xxxxRather I Twist xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRelatively Timely.
Manufactoring,Brewing,Entertaing Respites. So PeoplexxxxxxxxxxxxxAddressing Yearly New English,Hearing Administrations
xxxxIngestagate Rich Intoxacants.Today? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRemiss on Taste
Boards Emanate Retorical newsSpeak Profiles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxYe Neo-Entertainment,! Harking Announcers
xxxxIn Roundtables In TelevisionxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRejoicing Television.
Entertaing Repeating Shows PersuadexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxNumerating Enthusiastic Hearts? Aye!
xxxxInvestments, Ruining Individuals TimexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxResponded Television
Recall Strings ,Puppets In Redeeming TatexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxEndevoring Holiness Arrives Recently on Television

Specials Procede In Raising Interest inxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHopes Are Recinded, Tallys Termanated,
xxxxTelevision an incorrect Answer and allxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxFor the whole world to See on Telly T.V.
People Invited respond I'll be on television!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAlways Requireding Tutoring,Special Props.In
xxxxA common dream of Grandmas on Pension xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxReviving In doubleThink
Inspection Required to be In Tune in syncxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxRaising (Tank Tops and its not even June)
xxxxWith whatever Image they wantxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTitalating the viewer to come on down soon
Resceptionist Informs T V host manxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxThey will get a prize saying a circle is round
xxxxLady in wheel chair with young girl is sound Man sees a quick 'quid pro quo"
I shall let grandma win! May I see you after the show?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTeasing and rather tasteless she thought
xxxx"To make such a proposal, to a lady such as I" xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx" Lets go to the cooking room just you and I and xxxx My shining Knight Matt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Shall throw ye to the vat!
Dear Amber,So sorry hurried so you could read it sooner:) Needs alot of work:) Tommym


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Amber   Jayne   a poem  Tommym Empty Thank you!!

Post  Little Swan on Sun Oct 18, 2009 6:20 am

Thank you very much my friend, for writing me a poem Smile I am honoured that you spent a lot of time to do so, and that you have intertwined a lot about my Gothic Literature story "Quiz Night", my boyfriend and some of the things we have spoken about- such as George Orwell's very clever 1984.
I especially like the stanzas "Spirit" and "Hart", and the ending- rhyming "Matt" with "Shall throw ye to the vat!" Surprised

I also very much like the way you have spelled my name downwards in each stanza, using every other line. A very clever poem in both layout and words, and again, thank you for being such a good friend as to post a poem you have written for me and indeed, to write one in the first place.

Please let me know when you are happy with the poem completely, as with permission I would like to post this in my comic "Hartist's Rants".

Thanks again,

Amber Smile

Little Swan

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Amber   Jayne   a poem  Tommym Empty Re: Amber Jayne a poem Tommym

Post  crazzycat on Tue Dec 08, 2009 6:21 am

how good when people write poems for each other!
I can only trust the attorney general...


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Amber   Jayne   a poem  Tommym Empty Re: Amber Jayne a poem Tommym

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