Why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake?

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Why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake?

Post  RahimBhai on Fri Apr 02, 2010 11:59 am

Why do you watch a corrupted Entertainment ? did you know the wwe is bad for publicity did you also know that the sport it self in the 1980's record the highest ratings for steroids used why would you wanna watch a sport like the wwe when you have so called entertainers choking their wife to death plus steroids abuse

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Re: Why do you watch wrestling when you know it's fake?

Post  Lunaris on Wed Apr 07, 2010 10:26 am

I don't watch wrestling anymore, but when I did...I'll admit it was because the wrestlers are hot. Usually. Undertaker could kill a mood with a glare, but then Edge and Christian would bring back the need to be double-pounded by two hotties. Embarassed

I imagine for a lot of people it's the same. They either find a stirring in their libido by watching near-naked sweaty men fondling each other legally on national television, or they just like seeing people beating each other senseless in an over-stylized way that amounts to little more than usually-good-sometimes-bad acting. Wink

And I guess some guys just aren't ready to admit they could never make speedos bulge that much in public without stuffing it a bit. Twisted Evil

And I know I wasn't alone on the feminine side of the chorus when I groaned at seemingly ever 'popular' female wrestler sporting implants. Suspect

But I stopped watching quite some time ago. I have more grand ways to stir the passions in my loins and I have goals in my sex life that extend beyond an intersex match with me being pinned down for a three count by a big, handsome guy smelling like Axe body spray while... Exclamation

...Alright, to hell with it. What channel does Wrestling show on again? I love you

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