Ellen Carrolxxxxxxxx House of the Muses

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Ellen Carrolxxxxxxxx House of the Muses

Post  tommym on Fri Apr 23, 2010 6:30 pm

House of Selene, houes of Dream.House of the xxxxxxxxCasandras Girrls' telling tales not yet to be seen
Dika's friends 9 miseswith Sappho the 10th unseen harkens xxxxxxxxKnowingly affecting the FUTURES as in "You Set the Sceene"xxxxxxxxxx

Orbiting Orbsat the speed of Skullbie GammaScales G/hc5 xxxxxxxxxxxxa
Around Gamma scales of Vareint Sp,'s Satilites a simplplicity to discern a lontime but still boucceing backing back baners of beamds ,.
XX En mittingLight vave pqcketas mechanics Comming in air space againxxx
Bounce back signials off very very long wave lenghts


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