The Best way to rise to the top

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The Best way to rise to the top

Post  nishu123 on Sat May 01, 2010 9:53 am

Can you be successful shortly? Yes. But what do you consider shortly? Or, better yet, what do i consider shortly? I consider shortly 6 months to a year. What do i consider successful? What do you consider successful? I consider successful - be patient here - if you can make $1 / day you're successful.

Am i low balling success? No. What could you do with $1 / day? Pay off your hosting and have money left over. So that's $30 / month minus $4 hosting leaves $26 a month net revenue. Could you do that? I bet a lot of you think you could. Ok, now do that, 100 times. 100 is a magical number. That's $2600 a month net profit. I guarantee if you can make $1/day and then start repeating that, by the time you got to 50 that first website would be making ... maybe $4/day?



Content trumps everything else. If you write content that could come out of a text book, there's no stopping you. Then your only problem is policing the net to make sure people don't copy YOU. With excellent content you can then borrow and quote from it, as if it were the bible of the niche.


- you could start a niche blog, and in that blog quote and point to your website.
- you could write article after article quoting your website as if it were the bible of the niche
- you could go to .edu and .gov sites and quote your website as if it were the best source, then the .edu and .gov would gladly point to your site and that becomes viral all by itself

Content is key. With excellent content you could be the authority in your niche. Literally you could come up with the best content of your niche in one week. Imagine 10 niches in 10 weeks. A website build told me to only concentrate on one good site, but if i can make one i can make 10, if i can make 10 i can make 100. Yes make one good site, write down how you did it and repeat it 100 times.

Content will make you the authority in your field, why bother with bad content when the content can work for you. Put the time in, and the rest will be viral anyway.

With perfect content you can then make contracts for people to get on your website. You could provide services to businesses in your local area or even nationally, depending on your niche. I was discussing with that same website designer, who felt sorry for me since he knew i could never afford him, he designs for whole baseball teams and celebrities and he was throwing around "charge $1,000 for this and then do this for $750 and charge and extra $400 for this". Everything he said was completely true and plausible.

I hope this information was of use to you. If you disagree please add your comment or whatever advice you can think of.


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