How to Smile With Your Eyes

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How to Smile With Your Eyes Empty How to Smile With Your Eyes

Post  nishu123 on Sat May 01, 2010 9:57 am

Smiling with your eyes is a useful tool to have. It will make you look more sincere and make you seem like a happy person. People use it in many professions. It will help your smile seem much deeper and believable.

1. Step 1
Practice smiling with your mouth. A lot of people who work in the communications field like news reporters or politicians have to practice this to keep there job. You should too. You should really try to work on it when you are bored or sad as well.
2. Step 2
Pay attention to your face is when you truly smile. If you notice, your entire face changes. Think about something funny and pay attention to what your face does. If you JUST smile with your face, it will not look genuine.
3. Step 3
The main part of smiling with your eyes is changing the muscles within your face. You should practice this often to get the hang of it. Your eyes should seem brighter and more engaged when you smile with your eyes. There is a sense of excitement in your eyes when you are doing it right.
4. Step 4
Keep practing.


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