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Post  nittinchabbra on Sat May 01, 2010 11:02 am

The Eco-Compass blog aims to be a forum for lively and spirited debate and discussion on a range of environmental concerns. We encourage visitors to our blog to get involved, and give us their thoughts. However we do have basic rules to keep the exchange civil. They are:The EPA has indicated a willingness to let Congress take the reins, but with Congressional Republicans and business interests having already said they will fight any new legislation, this latest ruling from the EPA illustrates the federal government’s intention to take the steps necessary to move forward. In The Climate Solutions Consensus, David Blockstein and Leo Weigman present an agenda for the United States. It incorporates specific recommendations by the nation’s leading scientists, offering solutions that don’t need to wait for new laws. From changing our eating and consumption habits to land use and education, the book addresses controversial topics head-on and provides a clear-cut path to reversing the driving factors behind climate change.

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