The gulf of oil i mean MEXIGULF

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The gulf of oil i mean MEXIGULF

Post  tommym on Wed May 26, 2010 10:13 am

It has been damn f#%$&^% apparent to any science hobby ist that from Week One the was something very, very, very wrong! applying wheather women's rad's war game theory as applied to GobalL WArming into GLobalL HEATing.....
ilets US see if you can cacaulate the very plane to see! Start EXPLOdeded plus one month for the oil spread to get started ST prog start tdgm MAY 20 xxx JUNE 20 xxx JULY 20 xxx AUGUST 20xxx SEPTEMBER 20 xxx OCTOBER 20xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxxxHits the Fla. Keys 2010 Approaching Maimai 2010 xxx if northern cold current suck in Globular sticky mass 2010 xxx The cape laucnch windows 2010xxx Virgina beach 2010xxx south new jersey 2010xx caast long island 2010 Ti 1=Ti 2 -3.2 Sec. tommym

P.S. this not include over all damage one and long term damage two towards All Gulf states Cuba, Panama, Colombia, Mexico, et al NOR the cuncurent damage to { bio -life casthrophe! } BIRDSXXXFISH xxx SHORE LIFE xxxSPAWNING grounds pollanations via air water et al Nor does this include the brillant little girl who cant go to school because ....Tommym PS times this with floatinf no pun varraible of LAST BUT NOT LEAST LIFE tommym wensday MAY 26 2010 noon apx. Today BRIT PETROL CANT DO IT AND THEY DONT CARE @!!tommym
OH! YEAH I forgot the Air and Water Your Children will ....... thank you tommym


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