Energy in Japan and Transportation in Japan

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Energy in Japan and Transportation in Japan

Post  meodingu on Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:01 am

Energy in Japan and Transportation in Japan

High speed Shinkansen or Bullet trains are a common form of transportation in Japan.

As of 2005, one half of energy in Japan is produced from petroleum, a fifth from coal, and 14% from natural gas.[108] Nuclear power produces a quarter of Japan's electricity.[109]

Japan's road spending has been large.[110] The 1.2 million kilometers of paved road are the main means of transportation.[111] Japan has left-hand traffic. A single network of high-speed, divided, limited-access toll roads connects major cities and are operated by toll-collecting enterprises. New and used cars are inexpensive. Car ownership fees and fuel levies are used to promote energy-efficiency. However, at just 50% of all distance travelled, car usage is the lowest of all G8 countries.[112]

Dozens of Japanese railway companies compete in regional and local passenger transportation markets; for instance, 7 JR enterprises, Kintetsu Corporation, Seibu Railway and Keio Corporation. Often, strategies of these enterprises contain real estate or department stores next to stations. Some 250 high-speed Shinkansen trains connect major cities. Japanese trains are known for their punctuality.[113]

There are 173 airports and flying is a popular way to travel between cities. The largest domestic airport, Haneda Airport, is Asia's busiest airport.[citation needed] The largest international gateways are Narita International Airport (Tokyo area), Kansai International Airport (Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto area) and Chūbu Centrair International Airport (Nagoya area). The largest ports include Nagoya Port.

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Re: Energy in Japan and Transportation in Japan

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