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Post  greven on Sat Feb 21, 2009 3:36 pm

So a while ago I wrote a creation story for one of my old old stories, the story itself never came to an end, but I really like the creation story and since I just read Chaos and order I thought about it. Sooo here it is.
Oh! and sorry for the terrible gramma please bear in mind that this is pretty old stuff by now.

Part 1
“Before there was earth, before there was sea, before there was even time, there were 3 gods. These 3 gods lived in harmony as they swept the great emptiness but at some point in their eternal travel they came upon a large body of clay. The gods looked upon each other and knew that here they would create the world.
First Nogan, the god of light shun his divine light upon the earth, creating a climate hot enough to burn the skin.
Then Kinl, the god of Darkness swept across the lands shielding the world from the heat, and together Kinl and Nogan created a climate that could hold life.
Then Dezal, the goddess of wisdom breathed life onto the earth and as she did; plants sprung up everywhere in the world. As Dezal saw the beauty of the life she had created she shed a single tear that fell upon the earth and became the sea. From the sea did crawl the animals, the birds flew from it, the deer sprung from it, and the snake slithered unto land, but the gods had eyes for only one creature. Man had crawled from the sea and had taken the likeness of the goddess Dezal.
The 3 gods agreed that the humans should not be harmed, they decided to watch over the humans, to guide them forward. Dezal created time so that Humans could grow and prosper, and Nogan and Kinl split the day between them and so night and day came to be. As day came Nogan would fly across the heavens shining his light on all living, and in the night Kinl would sweep in and bring relief from the days labor. For many hundred winters the Humans prospered, but as time passed a disagreement grew between Nogan and Kinl.”

Part 2

“Nogan and Kinl had been together since before Dezal had entered this plane of existence and so they knew each other better than anyone could ever hope to know another being. They had been competing since the beginning and would always rival each other in everything they did, and as time passed both Nogan and Kinl feared that the other would try to gain control of the earth and the beings that lived on it. Both the gods knew that an attack on the others control over earth would not be a direct one, instead it would be made with humans as tool; to gain control over the humans that was the task if one god was to best the other.
Dezal stood on the sideline as Kinl gathered followers and hid them in shadowy valleys where they could stay hidden till the time was right. Nogan went another road and revealed his presence to a few select humans on the earth and commanded them to start a religion in his honor. The church of light was soon reality and it spread like a wildfire consuming everything in path. The old religions of the three holy beings were torn down to make way for the new light. Dezal was given a minor role in the religion of Light; she was seen as the wife of the all knowing god of light. The goddess of love and wisdom, she were never forgotten but always kept in the shadow of the eternal light. Kinl became the god of darkness and evil deeds, from their churches the priest told tales of horrible deeds committed by Kinl and his followers. The followers of light were taught to hate and despise the darkness and all who followed it. Kinl saw that Nogan’s forces grew ever stronger and told his followers to leave his shadow before it was too late and never speak his name again, he told them that his time would soon end and that they should return to their families. His followers heard his words but none left, all of them swore that they would rather die than deny the true god. The followers became targets of a manhunt unlike anything that have happened to this day, everywhere they went they were sought out and killed.
The survivors were driven into hiding on the dark plains of Lian on that shadowy plain they hid for years, slowly nursing their wounds and trying to rebuild a life worth living. Eventually even these last survivors were discovered by a large force of the light warriors. They arrived at nightfall, surrounding the camp before they all lit their torches, imagine the horror those disciples of Kinl must have felt as they saw those torches being lit all around them. Staring their death in the eyes the followers of Kinl fell to their knees and prayed for a miracle, and Kinl provided it. As if formed out of the very darkness that covered the lands a beast appeared. As tall as 10 horses on top each others with razor sharp claws and small eyes that could pierce the soul of any man, woman or child. All who saw it instantly knew that this was no mere beast they faced; this was the appearance of a god. The warriors of light were fueled by blind belief in their god and flooded over Kinl desperate to claim the life of this god who they believed held the responsibility for all suffering in the world. But all who came close to Kinl was ripped apart, consumed by the darkness itself or fell over dead after making direct eye contact with the great beast. But the Light warriors had strength in their numbers and their desperate struggle lasted till sunrise and as Nogan rose above the horizon, he saw that Kinl had descended to the mortal plain and he smiled as he saw it. Nogan sent word to the only race capable of the task of killing a god.
The Wuma were a race of horse sized reptiles that from the very creation had been capable of seeing the gods and hearing their voices, they were blessed with claws and teeth that were sharp as blades and they could easily outrun the fastest horses alive. The Wumas however, did not wish to fight a god, they feared what would happen if the balance was disturbed. But Nogan did not care about how they felt and he used his power to gain control of a single Wuma. The Wuma was a prime example, its red eyes could see through the thickest darkness and its instincts could sense danger from miles away. Imbued with the power of Nogan the Wuma arrived at the scene just as the last light warrior fell before Kinl. Kinl saw the Wuma and knew what would happen; the Wuma stormed forward its divine light cutting through the darkness that still surrounded Kinl. The god of darkness did not even defend himself as the hundred razor sharp teeth of the Wuma tore out his heart and consumed it. Kinl felt his being disappear but used his last seconds of existence to create a barrier to protect the night, and as he drew his last breath he cursed the soul of the Wuma that had slain him. Never should it find rest unless it was to take the life of the second god, only then should it be allowed entry to the heavens. Kinls heart, that the Wuma had consumed drove the light of Nogan from the Wumas being and filled it with the power of darkness, as it’s body died many years later its soul stayed on earth, where it would linger till Nogan were no more.
Nogan became furious as he realized that the night was still not within his reach, he created the moon and placed it above the night, a mirror to allow him to see the night that he could still not call his own. Without Kinl’s cool shadow Nogan’s warmth soon became too much for the lands and they slowly turned into a large desert where no living could survive. Dezal soon left the earth, she had seen too much suffering in this dimension, she left behind a single tear that fell in the desert and from the spot that it touched sprung a great river of life that should forever run through the cursed desert of the land, ensuring that those still left alive could once again exist in this world.”

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