What Does HD Free for Life Really Mean?

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What Does HD Free for Life Really Mean? Empty What Does HD Free for Life Really Mean?

Post  sangbmt on Sat Dec 04, 2010 3:43 am

When it comes to looking for a new TV the only choices left now are to get HD units. While this is great for those of us who really appreciate the huge jump in quality over the old style TV's of yore, if you don't have an HD source signal, the image looks all squished and funny. While some may be able to tolerate that, mot people can't. But cable companies charge for HD and charge you for the receiver to view it on. That means you wind up paying for a decent looking picture which should be free. At least there are some satellite dish TV offers that give you free HD for life.

But what does that really mean in terms of plain English? Essentially that means with any of their great packages, not only will they provide you with all kinds of great TV for one low price, but they include dozens of HD channels for free. This means your investment in an HDTV isn't going to be wasted or lost because you don't get to experience great HD channels.

And, it also means that when you subscribe to great movie channels like HBO, Cinemax and Showtime that you'll also get the HD versions of the channels for free as well. Some companies charge you extra for the HD channels. That's like paying twice for your premium movie channels. While having the movie channels gives you access to hundreds of theater run movies and exclusive shows every month, it isn't worth paying the cable company twice for them. With the great satellite dish TV deals going now, you don't have to.

Since HD does require somewhat different technology to get the full benefit of the HD signal, with the great satellite TV deals going they also give you free HD receivers. Cable companies charge extra for the boxes, and the remotes, so getting a HD capable receiver as part of the package means you aren't paying any extra just because you've got HD.

So, between free HD channels with any subscription, free HD versions of the premium movie channels and free equipment so you can get everything out of your HDTV that you're supposed to, that's what free HD for life means. You don't get penalized for having the latest and greatest technology anymore. You get what you're supposed to be getting. Free HD for life.
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