My triumphant...return?

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My triumphant...return? - Page 2 Empty Re: My triumphant...return?

Post  Elmoslayer on Thu Feb 18, 2010 12:43 pm

Hi again!

Sorry I've been gone, I was ill, and I was away, and my internet went down...

Sky said you'd been hanging around, but when I came on yesterday I figured you hadn't been on in a while as you hadn't commented on anything. So I hope you see this!

I also sent you a private message with my hotmail, but I don't know f you got that. It would make our plans for the forum easier to do than having to keep checking back all the time Smile


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My triumphant...return? - Page 2 Empty Re: My triumphant...return?

Post  Lunaris on Fri Feb 19, 2010 6:32 pm

Heheh, I got your message. Thought I'd sent you an e-mail but I never got a reply, so I'm guessing you didn't get the message. Ah well. I'll try again, then send you my e-mail so if you don't get the e-mail, you can get mine from the message and send one of your own. Smile

As for not commenting, it's hard to carry the place alone, I haven't had anything to comment on. It bugs me seeing all these guests coming around and looking at things but none ever joining or posting. It'd be nice, because we seem to go through hundreds a day.

Here's hoping to hear from you soon.

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