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U.S. military controversy
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U.S. military facilities in Okinawa

Because the islands are close to China and Taiwan, the United States has large military bases on the island. The area of 14 U.S. bases are 233 square kilometres (90 sq mi), occupying 18% of the main island. Okinawa accounts for less than one percent of Japan's land, but hosts about two-thirds of the 40,000 American forces in the country.[5] Suburbs have grown towards and now surround two historic major bases, Marine Corps Air Station Futenma and Kadena Air Base. One third (9,852 acres (39.87 km2)) of the land used by the U.S. military is the Marine Corps Northern Training Area in the north of the island.

According to a 2007 Okinawa Times poll, 85% of Okinawans opposed the presence of the U.S. military,[23] due to noise pollution from military drills, the risk of aircraft accidents (such as one in 1959 that killed 17 people), environmental degradation,[24] and extra crowding from the number of personnel there.[25] In another poll conducted by Asahi Shimbun in May 2010, 43% of the population want the complete closure of the U.S. bases and 42% want reduction and 11% want the maintenance of the status quo.[26] The Okinawan prefectural government and local municipalities have made various withdrawal demands of the U.S. military since the end of WWII,[27] but no fundamental solution has ever been undertaken by either the Japanese or U.S. governments.

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