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Post  Skyangel on Mon Jan 26, 2009 4:34 am

This section is really what my original idea for doing a forum with Rei was all about. I've heard many tales from readers during my two years putting out my web comic; mostly relating to issues covered in my story. The two things that seem to come up most are the questions of confusion and isolation. Confusion over feelings both about oneself and towards others and what to do about it, who to tell, when to tell them and where to find advice when things are not going well. Isolation coming from that awful feeling that maybe you are the only person you know with a particular gender difference that makes you feel scared, lonely or even depressed.
This forum is hopefully a place where someone can come anonymously ask a question and find some answers or helpful advice.
Gay people today are fairly well recieved and do not have to look too hard or be too discreet in finding their soulmate. theinternet is full of young teenagers who are rightly proud to stand up and say they are different. But there are also an awful lot of minor groups that still feel the need to keep quiet, and suffer in silence. I'm referring more to the transexual part of society and people with unusaual sexual habits. people both young and old who have difficulty understanding why they feel different, and what they can do to relieve the feelings of shame or guilt.
This is just an intro so depending what comes up I will do my best to get some sort of advice from somewhere if my own experiences or knowledge are at a loss. Other than that it would be nice if people could just share their funny experiences and give each other hints and tips on how to lead a happy life just being what you are.
This forum is anonymous as I say. if no-one feels the need to post anything here then I guess it will prove it's not needed, but for those of you who just want to come and relax and share your thoughts with like minded people for support or advice or just relate to what others are saying, then I think hopefully you will find the posts here interesting and re-assuring, but hopefully helpful.


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